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Our Mission:


We exist to empower women from all walks of life, encouraging them to live their best lives, walking in freedom with Christ. 


Our Mission

We exist to provide resources, and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to women experiencing exploitation through various means of prevention, outreach and holistic, spiritual care. 

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Our Impact

We've reached over 150 women between five strip clubs and three massage parlors across Michigan, and we have no plans of stopping. We are committed to the success of women in our state, and we are dedicated to sharing the redemptive, life-changing message of Christ to empower women to walk in ultimate freedom with the God who created them.



outreach nights

Between all three cities, we've come together for more than 350 outreaches during our five years of service in West and Northern Michigan. 



Years Serving MI communities

We are committed to our state, and serving women who deeply deserve to live free from addiction, traffickers, pimps, and guilt.



women reached in strip clubs and massage parlors across Michigan

In our five years, we've been to 5 strip clubs and 3 massage parlors across the state, providing resources and the message of Christ to women in the sex industry.


Our Programs

We have several different programs as part of our organization. Read more about each one below.


Strip club outreach

In Traverse City, we reach out to two strip clubs, bringing meals and gifts to the bouncers, bartenders, and dancers, encouraging them and providing much-needed resources to help them get back on their feet after experiencing exploitation. In Cadillac, we reach out to one strip club with several dancers, and a bartender with whom we've built solid relationships. We took a hiatus from strip clubs in Grand Rapids due to safety issues for our team, and we are currently praying about what this might look like in the future as we continue to grow.  

street outreach

We are in the beginning stages in Grand Rapids of developing a street outreach team, ministering to young girls experiencing homelessness, or women prostituting, in populous areas of our city. If you are interested in joining us in this endeavor, or you have experience with this type of outreach and are interested in consulting with us, please email us at 

massage parlor outreach

Only in Grand Rapids at this time, our team ministers to several massage parlors that are operating as legal brothels within our city limits. The reality is that we have 16 of these in Grand Rapids currently, and 11 of them are owned by the same woman. We simply bring love, snacks, and the message of Christ as we care for these women holistically, offering hope and healing. Our goal is to continue to grow in this area as volunteers join our team and grow our numbers in mighty ways. 

Foster care

Studies tell us there is a direct correlation between the foster care system and human trafficking. In fact, more than 6% of children placed in the foster care system have been sexually abused at some point. Seven out of 10 girls who age out of foster care will become pregnant by the time they're 21 years old. We are still praying about our role in this space, and we can't wait to update you on where God leads the Created Free team! 


outreach report | June 2018

three of us arrived with several gifts for the bartender who is moving away. she had set the table for us before we arrived, expecting us! She sat with us and opened each package and thanked us for each gift given in love. we prayed blessings over her around the table. we spoke words of life into her.

Connie Schepers / Cadillac Outreach Director



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There are many ways to get involved with our organization. Check out our opportunities below and get in contact with us - we can't wait to see how God will involve you in His mission through Created Free!


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