Our Impact

We are committed to the women of our state, leading them into deeper relationships with Christ as we seek to create a safe atmosphere in some of the darkest, unsafe areas of our cities. Last year, we reached more than 150 individual women in three cities across Michigan, providing resources and the message of Christ. 

In five years, we've provided over 45,000 individual gifts (on more than 300 outreaches in three cities) to women in massage parlors and strip clubs, and even to those being sold online, in more than 10 places where sex is sold. 

We have no plan to slow down now. We're so excited for what God has for us in the future! Join us on our journey, and become a volunteer with us today.

We exist to eradicate startling statistics. We exist so that women know they are loved - deeply and truly loved - by the Creator of the universe. We exist so that they'll know they don't have to settle. That a life filled with anger, regret and loneliness isn't what God intended. We exist so that women have the resources they need to not only succeed, but thrive, as well. 



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Many people ask us if the women in strip clubs and massage parlors are actually being trafficked, or are currently in human trafficking situations. The answer is not black and white. Some of the girls we reach in strip clubs also have pimps, who are prostituting them after they leave the clubs.

But, in many scenarios, sexual abuse is the common thread among the women we have the privilege of getting to know through our ministry. Foster care is another common denominator. Generational prostitution is real, and we experience its hold on a weekly basis. All of these factors work against at-risk women, robbing them of the ability to live full, free lives.