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Our Mission

In November, 2013, we felt a deep call to begin conducting outreach to victims of human trafficking, and sexual exploitation, in Grand Rapids, MI. We began under the name "New Creation Cupcakes," bringing cupcakes and other baked goods into strip clubs in our city. After all, who could say no to cupcakes? We were selling our baked products to the general public, funding our outreach efforts to allow us to continue reaching vulnerable women. 

Since then, we've changed our name. But, our purpose has remained the same. We are Created Free. Because after almost five years of dedication to at-risk women in our state, we believe that's what we're about. We've been created free in Christ. Free from addictions. Free from slavery. Free from unworthiness, or feelings of loneliness. Free from depression. Free from vulnerabilities and exploitation. He makes us  free. And at the core of who we are, we want to see women living their best lives, walking in freedom with the Creator of the universe.

We're still doing outreach to strip clubs and massage parlors. But, we've grown. We are no longer just in Grand Rapids. We've expanded to Traverse City, MI, and Cadillac, MI, as well. We bring beauty supplies, salads, cheese and crackers (after we learned about some tooth sensitivities in Cadillac!), Bibles, and encouraging notes. Most importantly, though, we're bringing the message of Christ. We're reminding women living in dark places that there is a Light. There is hope. 

If you'd like to join us, please click on our Volunteer tab above. We would love to talk with you about how you can serve on our outreach teams, or our prayer teams. If you've got a unique talent you think would benefit our organization, we would love to hear about it! Contact us today, and let's chat. 

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A note from a senator:

"Fighting human trafficking requires diligence and commitment, and creativity! Brittany Jacobson and [Created Free] are focused on meeting survivors where they are and sharing the love of Jesus. It is encouraging to witness these young women who see the greater need." 

- Senator Judy Emmons